About The Organization

Evolution:  Maryland Modified Fast Pitch Softball began 1962 in Queen Anne's county following the decline of the local mens fast pitch game.  Athletes that wished to compete at a high level continued to elevate their game within the new evolving Modified Fastpitch leagues. 
The late sixties through the early nineties dawned a new era in softball on the Eastern Shore and even in local communities across the country.  The Modified Fastpitch game was first added to the national ASA championship program in 1975 and by 1993 grew to an astounding 8648 registered ASA teams across the nation.  Modified Fastpich quickly became a softball phenomenon that out grew its fast pitch predecessors by culminating a year ending 56 team nationally sanctioned ASA tournament.
ASA sanctioned Modified Fastpitch national championships for men in "Major" and "A" classes while later adding the womens "Major" program in 1984.  Maryland also hosted the womens "Major" national tournament in 1994 at Worton Park in Kent County.    
The Maryland Modified Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame established its inaugural banquet in 1994 as a result of several area Modified enthusiasts.  They were pioneers that provided the leadership direction to establish and govern the Maryland Modified HOF Comittee. The founding members consisted of Maryland ASA Modified commissioner Al Hanafee '97, Frank Thorne '10, Donna Thorne, Bucky Larrimore '96, Marty Dawkins, Wylie Gray and Maryland ASA State commisioner Charles J. Colaianni.
Mission:  The Committee was established to honor those who played a vital role in the success and promotion of Modified Fastpitch Softball. 
Vision: The Committees vision is to always promote the game of softball while continuing to acknowledge those that exude professional characteristics that governs the game.
Committee Membership:  Membership is by appointment and shall be comprised of not more than 9 members who will be identified as the HOF Committee.  The Committee elects its officers and they shall serve a four year term, and are eligible to serve successive terms upon a majority vote of all committee members.  Members serve all HOF functions and can only be removed for just cause as ruled on by a hearing.  Any committee member, after having provided meritorious service for four or more years, may be reinstated as an associate member upon expiration of active service, or for supported cause.
Induction Process:  Induction into the Hall of Fame occurs annually following review and approval by the Maryland Modified Softball Hall of Fame comittee.  The committee is empowered to consider, approve, and elect submitted nominees into the Hall of Fame.  Nominations from the public and/or local communities are highly encouraged providing they use the approved forms that are located on this site. (see link below).  Candidate nomination requires submital of an official Hall of Fame Biography to be received not later than October 1st prior to the induction year.  Posthumous nominations are also encouraged.
Eligibility:  To be eligible for the Maryland Modified Fastpitch Hall of Fame, nominee(s) submitted for consideration must be classified in one of the following categories:
  •  Player:  One who played a minimum of ten years, retired for a minmum of five years and excelled in an organized, high-caliber softball competition from the Easten Shore.
  • Manager/Coach:  One who achieved outstanding local performance for a minimum of 10 years and/or eligible at retirement.
  • Organizer/Promoter/Sponsor:  Local performance only.
  • Umpire:  One who examplified a minimum15-year outstanding performance.
  • Paid Administrator:  Local performance plus a three-year retirement requirement.
  • Special Service Nominee:  Those who rendered outstanding service to the softball community within the Eastern Shore area.
          Please click on the link below for the nomination form.