Welcome to the Maryland Modified Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame. This entity and site
was created to honor those women and men who devoted their talents, time and efforts
unconditionally to promote the game of Modified Fast Pitch Softball in Maryland
and beyond its borders.
"If you build it, they will come"

 2016 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Gary Bee '16                                                Roland Pete '16

Marty Cheesman '16                                 Bill Presley '16

Keith Coleman '16                                       Willie Roe '16

Milton Greenwood '16                                 Bob Tilghman '16
Russell Diaz '16                                           Debbi Trimble '16
Dale Drinks '16                                             Dickie Swann '16

J. R. Jones '16
 Congratulations to all Inductees!

Italian Trophy Cups with Emblem